Stakeholder Surveys

Lucia Forest Ltda. - 28.11.2020

Timbertec S.A - 28.11.2020

SILVIPAR S.A - 07.12.2020

Federação Nacional das Associações de Proprietários Florestais - 10.12.2020

ООО «Жешартский ЛПК» - 31.12.2020


At you can find a list of all companies FSC certified by the GFA and public summaries of issued FM certificates. You can find the certification process of FM certificates under

FSC Paper Database Europe

Marketplace for FSC products

Global Forest Risk Registry

Adapted generic standards of the GFA

In countries without a nationally accredited FSC standard for forest management (FM), GFA applies its adapted generic standard for forest management (FM), which is adapted to the national framework conditions. All adapted generic standards of the GFA are listed here and ready for download in the specified language versions: