GFA Certification GmbH supports smallholder project in Malaysia

Through the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP), GFA Certification GmbH supports a smallholder project in Malaysia with the aim of establishing ecologically sustainable cultivation methods for oil palms and expanding an innovative traceability system for the quantities traded. […]

Recognition as a certification body for the SURE-EU system

With the new version of the Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (2018/2001/EC – RED II), the share of bioenergy to cover our energy needs will increase significantly in the future. […]

In order to ensure that the biomass used for this purpose has been produced sustainably, the European Member States have agreed on criteria that must in future be adhered to and documented by all economic operators who use biomass or biogas to generate electricity or heat.

Voluntary certification schemes such as SURE are considered an objective and reliable way to document compliance with these RED II criteria. For this purpose, the systems are audited and recognized by the EU Commission in order to ensure full compliance with the RED II requirements and to guarantee a high quality and transparency of the sustainability certification.

SURE was founded to obtain this EU recognition and to offer economic participants in the biomass and biogas market a practicable system to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of RED II in a transparent, resilient and legally secure manner.

GFA Certification GmbH has taken the first step towards recognition as a certification body by the system owner Sustainable Resources Verification GmbH and will in future offer certifications for biomass from forestry and agricultural uses as well as from waste and recycling.

Policy for remote auditing COVID 19

GFA Certification GmbH has introduced procedures for replacing on-site audits with remote audits in order to be able to react appropriately to the Coronavirus COVID 19 situation. The procedures enable the protection of the health of auditors and employees of certificate holders, while at the same time aiming to maintain the credibility of certification decisions. This allows the continuation of the regular audit program and the maintenance of certification status in the further course of the Coronavirus COVID 19 crisis. […]

For more information, see this link.

GFA Certification GmbH first CB accredited for Vietnamese Forest Certification Scheme

On 17th of January 2020 GFA Certification GmbH (GFA) became the first Certification Body being accredited for certification services according to the Vietnamese Forest Certification Scheme (VFCS). […]

The accreditation process included a desk review of the relevant procedures, an office assessment to assess the implementation of the required quality management system, and a witnessaudit of the first pilot client in Vietnam. GFA Certification GmbH complied with all accreditation requirements and is authorized to offer certification services for the VFCS.

The VFCS plans to receive recognition from PEFC International in order to be able to deliver to the global supply chains.


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