Risk management for importers and distributors of wood & wood products

The online portal timber-risk.com© supports the risk assessment of wood-containing product imports into the EU.

Illegal logging is one of the biggest causes of forest destruction worldwide. It is estimated that between 7% and 17% of the world’s traded timber comes from illegal sources. In recent years, various measures have been taken by Governments to tackle illegal logging, including for example in the EU the Timber Trade Regulation EUTR, the Lacey Act in the United States and the Illegal Prohibition Act in Australia. All measures of this kind require the need for companies to prove that they neither use nor trade timber from illegal logging. The required due dilligence includes a self-assessment of the risk as to whether timber could be illegal.

timber-risk.com© is a portal to support companies who want to implement due dilligence on imports of wood containing products. timber-risk.com© offers companies the possibility to get an initial assessment of potential risks via an easy IT-based query option based on the tree species and origin. Proposals to minimise possible risks are provided .

For more information head to the query portal at timber-risk.com. Test the portal with a free query.