Steps for certification

UTZ certification – Cocoa

The enjoyment of cocoa products, coffee or tea belongs to everyday life in most places around the world. The raw materials for these products are produced in tropical regions – which are often synonymous with precarious social and environmental conditions.  The UTZ program supports farmers in implementing better farming methods, which in turn improve local working conditions and minimise the negative impact on the environment. Being supported by the UTZ programme allows farmers to produce a higher product quality, to earn a better income and to preserve the environment and global resources through improved farming methods. By undergoing UTZ certification and labelling your products with the UTZ logo, you instantly meet the demands and requirements of many of today’s buyers, retailers and end users.

GFA Certification is a certification company recognised by UTZ with more than 15 years of experience in the field of sustainable certification systems. GFA certifies companies within the supply chain meeting the requirements according to the UTZ ChoC. Currently we offer these services to companies within Europe.

By the way: UTZ certification in combination with RSPO certification is often desired by companies active in the food sector. We are able to offer combined audits according to RSPO SCC and UTZ requirements.

Download the documents on the side bar or contact us via the contact form or directly under 0049 40 5247431 150 (Torge Petersen) to obtain more background information. Receive a free and non-binding certification proposal by using the section “Request Proposal“.

Important steps to UTZ certification


    – Company collects information about UTZ ChoC certification
    – Company fills out the GFA Questionnaire under Request Proposal (see below).
    – If necessary, GFA obtains further information
    – GFA evaluates the information


    – Elaboration of a non-binding certification proposal by GFA
    – If necessary clarification of open questions
    – Acceptance of the certification proposal by the company


    Implementation of the UTZ ChoC requirements by the company, for example
    – Company becomes member of UTZ (mandatory for certification)
    – Establishment of necessary procedures and processes
    – Nomination of responsible staff
    – Creation of a UTZ ChoC manual
    – Staff training
    – Creation of sample documents

  4. AUDIT

    Assessment of the UTZ ChoC system by a GFA auditor, for example

    – Verification of documented procedures
    – Verification of relevant documents
    – Inspection of the on-site operations
    – Meeting with company management
    – Staff meetings with responsible staff
    – Creation of the audit report by the auditor
    – Correction of identified non-conformities by the company
    – Certification decision by the GFA


    – Issuing of the certificate
    – Registration of the certificate (the certificate is initially valid for 1 year)