Policy for remote auditing COVID 19

GFA Certification GmbH has introduced procedures for replacing on-site audits with remote audits in order to be able to react appropriately to the Coronavirus COVID 19 situation. The procedures enable the protection of the health of auditors and employees of certificate holders, while at the same time aiming to maintain the credibility of certification decisions. This allows the continuation of the regular audit program and the maintenance of certification status in the further course of the Coronavirus COVID 19 crisis. […]

For more information, see this link.

GFA Certification GmbH first CB accredited for Vietnamese Forest Certification Scheme

On 17th of January 2020 GFA Certification GmbH (GFA) became the first Certification Body being accredited for certification services according to the Vietnamese Forest Certification Scheme (VFCS). […]

The accreditation process included a desk review of the relevant procedures, an office assessment to assess the implementation of the required quality management system, and a witnessaudit of the first pilot client in Vietnam. GFA Certification GmbH complied with all accreditation requirements and is authorized to offer certification services for the VFCS.

The VFCS plans to receive recognition from PEFC International in order to be able to deliver to the global supply chains.


Interested companies should contact us or our local office in Hanoi under t.nguyen@gfa-cert.com or +84 43 94 30 75 2.

GFA reduces CO2 footprint of air travel

Climate-friendly traveling is one of our basic principles. However, occasional air travel cannot be completely avoided in a globally positioned business operation. For this reason, GFA Certification GmbH compensates for CO2  emissions from air travel by the employees. For this purpose, certificates of the Project Carbon Offset Africa have been acquired for 2019. The project not only reduces CO2  emissions, but also combats deforestation and poor health conditions through the introduction of efficient cook stoves in the project region in Malawi. […]

For more information, see www.carbonoffsetafrica.com.

UNFCCC Certificate

RIPPLE Africa Certificate – GFA Certification GmbH

Once again above-average ratings by ASI in the FSC certification

For the third time in a row, GFA has been confirmed in the annual quality assessment by the accreditation body of the FSC System (Assurance Services International) to apply the highest quality in the implementation of  certification services.  The evaluation showed that the quality of the internal management system is far above the average of all FSC Certification Bodies. […]

On behalf of the FSC, ASI controls whether the certification bodies meet the requirements of FSC certification.  The assessment procedure is carried out in several audits distributed throughout the year at the Certification Bodie´s headquarters, at cooperation partners and in the form of witness audits at the Certification Bodie´s customers. The quality of the certification procedures and the audit implementation is checked. Strict guidelines are applied, which can lead to a suspension of the certifier concerned in the event of serious non compliances regarding the FSC accreditation requirements.